Property Development

We develop a specific strategy for each property and handle every aspect of the process personally. We find ways to unlock value, increase a property’s appeal, and highlight compelling features that others miss.

We understand the nuances that set one property apart from others, and we always advise our clients in site selection, site layout and home design, as well as product branding and marketing.

Our expertise extend over the entire infrastructure project life cycle, including but not limited to, architectural and urban design, project costing and feasibility studies, finance sourcing, project implementation, project management and on-going asset management.

In short, our Team has the experience to take a vacant piece of land and manage the procedural, legal, financial and commercial processes to eventually have a fully serviced and proclaimed township with development packages ready for sale or for development.


See life from a different perspective

Define a Purpose

We shall help define a purpose and present the collective vision developed by the professional team.  

Conduct a highest and best use analysis 

Assemble our in the house development team of experienced, objective professionals

Our in house team compromises of architects, developers, surveyors, finance and property experts, shall begin to identify opportunities for the use of the property. This involves assessing the value of the property in its current state and conducting a highest and best use analysis, which considers the current use of the property, its potential uses, and its corresponding value.

Based on the complexity of certain of the land parcels it is imperative that the properties are analysed from a development perspective, which not only includes design and feasibility constraints, but also analysis from a regulatory framework (town planning and EIA, etc), which may have a significant impact on the sale and timeframes to close the transaction.

In doing so, our team can conduct due diligence, model cash flows and test scenarios, to develop marketing and exit strategies to suit our clients’ core objectives. 

Project preparation includes:

  • Financial and project modeling
  • Project sponsorship facilitation
  • Project structuring and transaction advisory services
  • Risk management solutions
  • Viability, feasibility and bankability studies
  • Municipal Financial Management and Institutional development
  • Management of urban and rural developments
  • Master plan development
  • Socio-economic analysis


Establish Expectation

Market analysis/property economics

Perform extensive market analysis to set an optimal listing price and to maximise the value of your asset

  • Location Analysis
  • Demographics
  • Amenities
  • Property and market cycles
  • Analysing statistics


Sweating the Small Stuff

By analysing demand & supply, trends, architecture, functions, movements, culture and how people travel, shop, entertain, live and pause, we shall conceptualise a development project/s, where applicable that shall inspire developers and investors alike.

We shall perform extensive market trends and demand analyses to identify opportunities

We shall package the properties according to identified offerings by performing extensive market trends and demand analyses.  During the process, we shall narrow down alternatives by:

  • Understanding the development potential of the property
  • Will analyse availability of bulk services
  • Consider environmental implications
  • Identify property development hot spots

Study current zoning and land use


Making it REAL #LIST

Creating an identity.  Branding is an essential ingredient in any online marketing or traditional advertising campaign, especially when it comes to the competitive real estate development market. 

A reputable and respected brand image can be a developer/development most valuable asset. It showcase unique values – it also helps establish credibility, recognition, and true professionalism.

We will

  • Create the development identity, the brand
  • Assist in creating the professional marketing material that will be required to go to the market.
  • We shall offer a holistic branding solution.
  • Will compile and execute a powerful marketing plan together with the project management team, and sales team
  • Offer our in-house marketing solution

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